Through the integration of furniture and technology, media:scape is reshaping the way people collaborate in a connected world.

Most collaborative work spaces today support leader-led presentations where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time. media:scape removes these barriers and democratizes how people access and share information by allowing all participants to contribute their ideas – equally, quickly and seamlessly.

Media:scape kiosk

Media:scape kiosk is tailored to meet the needs of small group collaboration, rather than the needs of large group video collaboration. media:scape kiosk can support casual, quick informative conversations in the open plan, or evaluative working sessions in a small enclave. It was designed with key factors, such as lighting, sightlines and acoustics, in mind.

Room Wizard II

RoomWizard II works with a variety of calendar systems including Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calendar®, Lotus Notes® and others. Meetings can be managed seamlessly via web, laptop or smart phone. When workers find an open meeting space, they can reserve it instantly and get to work.

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